My Solution to Smoothie Overwhelm:

Farm-fresh Ingredients for Superfood Smoothies, Delivered Weekly.

  1. Choose Your Recipes. Choose from their weekly selection of plant-powered smoothie recipes based on your health goals.
  2. Get Your Box! It's filled with fresh, perfectly portioned, organic ingredients straight to your door in a cool insulated box.
  3. Blend and Enjoy. Start off your day with a superfood smoothies that are ridiculously easy to make and taste amazing.

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What's in the box?

Superfood Recipes: Five Easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional info and health benefits. Each recipe yields two 12oz servings.

Farm-fresh organic ingredients: Amazingly fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced from trusted farms.

Super simple superfoods: Those hard-to-find superfoods like chia, hempseed, matcha, maqui, lucuma, camu camu, reishi mushrooms, raw cacao, rosehips, pea protein and plenty more.

Designed for your health, and your life: Convenient smoothie kits that fit perfectly in your fridge, ready to make in minutes. (affiliate)

$4.99 per serving