Carla Alpert

Carla Alpert

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Hello and Welcome!

I'm an FDN-P (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner) and FMCHC (Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach) specializing in the gut and how it affects your overall health. I don’t diagnose disease or treat symptoms. Think of me like a health detective and wellness coach working in partnership with you to uncover the root cause of your chronic symptoms to restore your well-being. I help you to implement necessary lifestyle changes either prescribed by your health care provider or uncovered through our work together. We start by exploring your lifestyle habits which include: how you eat, how you sleep, how you move your body, what you do for stress reduction and how (or if) you support your body with essential nutrients as needed. Through this exploration we discover what works best for you to create healing.

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I became a wellness coach because of my own health history and my dedication and passion to feeling well, without masking symptoms through medication.

Like many of my clients, I've experienced chronic and debilitating GI symptoms, that sometimes left me unable to go out of the house. I've been given "diagnoses" like IBS, "mild" Crohn's, and SIBO to name a few, as well as others like Fibromyalgia and Interstitial Cystitis. I've also suffered with hormone imbalance, chronic headaches, fatigue, anxiety and vertigo.

After this very long struggle with ongoing GI problems, (and other seemingly unrelated symptoms) and hearing things from doctors like, "It's all in your head", "are you stressed?", "nothing is wrong with you",  "the tests are negative", "your blood results are all in range", and "take these pills", I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was sick of being unwell, and I sought out alternative healing. I found some of the best functional doctors and practitioners to aid in my healing, and did as much research as I possibly could to educate myself. As a result, I learned that healing can take place.

I recognized that so many of us are coping with chronic issues that we believe, or have been told, are "normal". With this in mind and my personal experience, it became clear that I needed to help others navigate the exhausting maze of chronic symptoms using the resources, education and passion I have for healing.

Let's get started, so you too—can heal your body and say hello again to vibrant health!


  • After much exploration with various eating styles, I found eating a 90% Paleo based diet works best for me. The eating style that's right for you will be specific to our discoveries and your personal needs. What's right for one person is not always right for another.

  • I rest and have good sleep practices in place to get all the "free-healing" necessary.

  • I take supplements as needed to nourish my body.

  • I work on decreasing my stress by practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation daily.

  • I do what I love and surround myself with people who fill me up rather than deplete me. I try to have boundaries that allow me to enjoy life as well as acknowledge when I need to slow down. I listen to my body.

  • It's not always perfect but it's my journey. I still struggle from time to time. I'm human.

  • I work on acceptance rather than resistance, fear and anger. It's a journey I plan on continuing.

Please join me in being a WELL HUMAN.