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Improve gut health and feel great.

You’re ready to start 2019 with a bang and conquer all those health goals you’ve been trying for the past few years. January goes great and maybe by February you notice you’re old habits sneaking in the back door. You lost a few pounds and you’re feeling a little better so you treat yourself to a reward and slowly but surely the weight creeps back on and you’re back where you started. You start feeling bloated and tired again and the couch is your best friend. You’re not sleeping well and the daily stressors of life feel like you’re carrying a 20 pound bag of bricks on your back. You become overwhelmed with all the health advice out there and you don’t know where to begin or how to change what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Sound like you?

Well, it doesn’t have to.

2019 can truly be YOUR year.
Enough is enough.

Working with a Functional Medicine Health Coach can help you reach your goals and stick with them. Together we’ll partner to achieve the changes you want for the long hall. There is no quick fix when you’re trying to change unhealthy habits. We look at creating a lifestyle specific to you, that offers balance while allowing you to reach, and stick with your goals.

We can also dig deeper with functional testing to uncover root causes of what might be contributing to your lack of energy, moodiness and stubborn weight. Maybe your gut is to blame and you just don’t know it. Your gut is made of a diverse mix of bacteria—the good guys and the bad guys. When these bacteria get imbalanced and the bad guys take over, they can wreak havoc on your overall well being. An imbalanced gut might be contributing to your weight gain, tiredness and lack of energy, anxiety, imbalanced hormones and possibly your sleep issues too.

Let me help you make 2019
YOUR best year ever!

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