You're Gonna Do What?

Say what? You're gonna change your career at your age?

You might be asking how and why does a 52 year old woman decide to change careers from having a successful company in Design and Marketing to a Functional Medicine Consultant—a great personal passion of mine, but something way out of my comfort zone. Or so I thought.

Honestly, I too sometimes ask the same question. But I continue coming back to the present moment and this helps me to know for sure I'm doing something I love. I know the guts of it (no pun intended) will follow.

Thankfully I have a very supportive husband who is patient enough to listen to my redundant conversations about everything I'm learning, along with my excitement and passion, as well as my frustrations, fears, and limited beliefs. I wouldn't be human if I didn't have these too.

The truth is, while I build my FDN-P practice, I don't plan to quit my "day job" anytime soon and I'm still actively pursuing new clients and continued work from my existing clients. Let's face it, NEW doesn't happen overnight. Truthfully I have no idea where this new journey will take me. All I know for sure is how connected I am to helping people get well without masking symptoms through medications. This platform helps me share all I've learned and continue to learn with other people who need it most.

This new business actually helps me as well to channel my anger and frustration into something meaningful. It makes me crazy that our food supply, our way of living, our medical model of taking pills to deal with symptoms, the expectation of immediacy with technology, and our need to compete, multitask and be the best at everything all at once, is making us sick. And we just except it as a way of life and aging.

This is why I decided to go for it. And through my journey so far, I've realized a new sense of confidence and excitement. My passion for this work has increased tremendously because I know for sure I can help educate people to change their lives. I know I can truly make a difference for those who want to take this journey.

This in turn will make my life more meaningful and help me continue on my own journey. It's always a two-way street.

There is no age limit to change. Nothing is stopping any of us from changing passion into our next career. I say, ignore the critics, go for it and don't get too invested upfront in the outcome. Look forward and not backwards. Do what you love and the work will follow.