If you're ready to jump into action and would like to change the way you currently eat to a more balanced and healthier way, but need some help navigating the path, this 4-week group coaching program is for you. The sessions, will offer you support and education on how to change habits to simply eat healthier or possibly eliminate foods you've decided you'd like to take a break from. You might: 1. be ready to say goodbye to processed food and hello to whole organic goodness 2. do a complete elimination diet or 3. simply see if gluten is contributing to your symptoms.

During this 4-week program, we won't be counting calories or aiming towards weight loss (although this might be a benefit!), but rather using mindfulness to bring awareness to what healthy balanced eating looks like. This program is for anyone interested in learning about converting your current diet to a healthier one.

Module One:
You Are What You Eat
Understanding Well Balanced Meals.
Changing Eating Habits For Better Health.


Module Two:
Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Sugar Free? Swap This For That
Healthy Alternatives & Food Shopping.


Module Three:
Stay On Track: Social Events, Restaurants and Travel
Figuring Out Your Options.
Planning Ahead.


Module Four:
The 80/20 Rule
Reintroduce Foods You've Eliminated.
Use Mindfulness To Track Results & Make Choices.
Live Your Best Life For Optimum Health.

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  • Each session is 60 minutes.

  • Programs are limited to 6 participants and must have at least 3 participants minimum.

  • Be sure to book the correct session in the booking portal by selecting the correct session dates. Programs are not refundable 2 weeks prior to start date as space is limited.

  • If you miss a session, you are free to connect with a fellow group member to discuss the topics covered.

  • A password protected area for module handouts will be delivered a few days prior to your start date.

Cost: $250 for all 4 sessions. A 50% Discount from 4 one-on-one coaching sessions!