WELL HUMANS. are just that.


You deserve vibrant health. I can help you. Let's create a partnership to help you facilitate achieving your health goals. After a thorough review of your health history, intake forms and goals, we'll work to discover the contributing factors that are making you sick and seek healing opportunities to rebuild your health. I don't diagnose disease or treat symptoms. Together, we devise a custom lifestyle program and I help guide you on your path to wellness based on the principals of FDN.  Let me educate you on how YOU can achieve your optimal health. It's up to YOU to drive the car. I'm here to help you navigate.

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WHat is functional diagnostic nutrition® (FDN)?

First let's start with what "Functional" means. You might have already heard about Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of dis-ease engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, Functional Medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

FDN practitioners are NOT medical doctors or clinical nutritionists. We are more like "health detectives" and we educate our clients on how they can get healthy with mindful lifestyle choices. We use functional lab testing to investigate the hidden stressors and underlying causes of dysfunction, then use that information to identify healing opportunities.

Even though we look at test results, we don’t diagnose dis-ease or treat symptoms. Symptoms are not “normal”, they’re your body’s way of telling you something is imbalanced. They give us clues into the causal factors of what’s throwing your organs and body out of whack.

We then devise a personalized lifestyle protocol called D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® (which stands for Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplements) to rebuild the body and promote healing. Over time on the protocol, we’re looking to see your symptoms go away and your health to be restored.

You should know, we don’t guarantee results and we don’t control outcomes. We educate you on how to tap into your own body’s vital reserve to promote healing. It’s up to you to do the work, and I’m here to guide you throughout the process.


Wellness Coaching is a partnership that allows the client and coach to stand side-by-side to facilitate necessary lifestyle changes to restore well-being and achieve vibrant health.

  • Has your health care provider suggested specific dietary changes and you don’t know where to start?
  • Has a loved one encouraged you to make healthier choices to live your best life for your family?
  • Do you know it’s time to say goodbye to old habits to feel better, but need some support?

These are some examples of how we can work together:
    • Changing eating habits.
    • Getting better sleep.
    • Stress reduction techniques such as meditation, visualization, and mindfulness.
    • Incorporating movement into your day.
    • Creating more joy and fun in your life.


Our gut is made up of a mixture of good and bad bacteria. We need both to thrive. But, if our gut microbiome becomes imbalanced and the bad guys take over, this can lead to a lot of dysfunction in the body. If you think of your gut like a lush and abundant garden at its healthiest state, imagine what happens when it becomes overruled by bad bugs—they eat up and destroy the flora and you're left with dead flowers and erosion. You want your gut to thrive like a beautiful garden. Getting your gut bacteria back in balance is one of the most important things to do to get and stay healthy.

You might not think that gut symptoms have anything to do with other symptoms in the body, like skin issues, headaches, fatigue, mood disorders, low libido and even autoimmune diseases, but because 70% of your immune system lives in your gut, your overall health is reliant on a well balanced and healthy GI system. You don't have to have obvious gut symptoms either to have other complaints traced back to a GI imbalance.  Your gut is still a deciding factor in your function overall.


Stress can come from internal or external influences that cause or lead to malfunction in the body. Stress is anything we perceive as a threat. Traditionally we think of an acute situation where we're confronted with a lion or a bear, and our fight or flight response kicks in. But in today's modern world, stress can come in many forms and become chronic. It can come from work, relationships, thought patterns, an accident, a tragedy, or from hidden stress to the body, such as toxic overload, food sensitivities, infections, viruses, or parasites.

Our stress response is designed to work brilliantly when we need to fight or take flight. But if stress becomes chronic, (which is common in our modern day lives) there is a biochemical response in the body which depletes our steroid hormone pathways and adrenal function, creating imbalances, which lead to metabolic chaos™ and a variety of symptoms and disease.

Changing our mindset about stress to one of meaning and courage can also help facilitate healing from the potential negative impacts on the body.


Your journey to wellness will be just that—a journey. A journey doesn't happen over night, in two weeks, or even a month. A journey is a progression of learning and growing, with many ups and downs. If you're focused on being a WELL HUMAN and living the best life you can, all you need is acceptance, self-love, patience, an open mind, the desire to change, and most of all—commitment.

Remember because it took many many years to feel sick, become exhausted, toxic, gain weight, and create bad habits—that it also takes time, patience and dedication to refocus, rebuild and reverse old habits to new healthier ones. Perspective shifts over time, you start to feel great, and it's hard to imagine ever going back to unhealthy habits.